dental-implant-2Here at Johnson Family Dental, we are proud to offer dental restorations so that you can be proud of your smile.

We offer many different types of dental restorations to replace any broken or missing teeth. We offer fillings to fill in any broken teeth. We use a variety of filling material to repair broken teeth so that they look natural.

Dental implants are done to improve a patient’s smile and usually their self esteem. Having missing or bad teeth can be quite embarrassing. Dental implants also can be done to improve oral health. Many people find it easier to eat with dental implants. Their speech can also be improved. Dental implants are also more comfortable because they are made to become permanent.

When you are missing teeth, we have a lot of different options. We may place implants, which are like replacement roots. Over top of implants, we place crowns which restores your teeth to the size and shape that they should be. We may refer you to an oral surgeon for the placement of this implant.

We also offer bridges which “bridge” the gap between teeth. They are cemented into place and replace the missing tooth or teeth. We also offer dentures, either full or partial, depending on how many teeth you are missing. Once we are finished with your mouth, you will love to show your new smile off!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about dental restorations. We will be glad to help you get the smile that you deserve.